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    A veritable “Ambassador of Jazz,” Professor Michael Tracy is one of America’s foremost jazz educators, with more than thirty-five years of performing and teaching experience. In classrooms,… Read More

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    We are thrilled to announce that we are offering the first ever Brazilian Music Workshop, with a jazz approach – in Brazil. It is your opportunity to… Read More

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    I am very pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the LOUISVILLE JAZZ WORKSHOP. The Workshop will build upon the success of our previous editions with: Read More

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    (Portuguese for ‘Right Time’) celebrates the music of Brazilian masters and contemporary composers/artists. The ensemble specializes in performing the many varied styles and rhythms that are unique… Read More

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    The MIKE TRACY & FRIENDS is an excellent choice when seeking a group for smaller events or when space is an issue and offers the finest musical… Read More

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FREE IMPROVISATION – Michael Tracy and Philippe Geiss.
Recorded at Akademia Muzyczna in Poznan, Poland. December 2023

Philippe is a outstanding saxophonist and educator. He and I met at the 5th International SaxEvent in December. Philippe enthusiastically embraced our playing together, so much so that we did so a second time just minutes following on the evening concert. Not often do you get to hear sopranino.

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    Latin Music Awards Kentucky
    Latin Music Awards Kentucky

    I am very honored to be recognized by our Latin music community – “The Award for Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Contributions to our Latino music community in Kentucky”.  Thank you to all who have made this possible. [read more]