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by Latin Music Awards Kentucky

Thanks to all who supported Hora Certa and our music. It is a great honor to be recognized and to be in company with so many wonderful musicians.

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HORA CERTA (meaning ‘Right Time’) celebrates the music of Brazilian masters and contemporary composers/artists.  The ensemble specializes in performing the many varied styles and rhythms that are unique to Brazil.  Hora Certa’s repertoire comes from recently released CDs – FotografiaHora Certa ,and Surfboard – featuring original compositions in addition to music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hermeto Pascoal, Moacyr Santos, João Donato, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Egberto Gismonti, Djalma Ferreira, Toninho Horta, Dominguinhos, João Bosco, Oswaldo Amorim and more.

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  • Virtual Concert with Hora Certa – Waterfront Botanical Gardens

    Virtual Concert with Hora Certa – Waterfront Botanical Gardens, June 11, 2020

Sound Samples:

Hora Certa has Brazilian and USA performing ensembles.


Winton Reynolds – piano
Giovanni Sena – bass
Terry O’Mahoney – drummer
Kiko Sebrian – percussion
Michael Tracy – saxophones

Hora Certa has performed at the:

Americana Festival
Arts On The Corner
Big Rock Jazz Fest
Evansville Jazz Society

Jazz Alley
Jazz At The Library
Old Louisville Festival
Sound & Spirit Concert

Summer Jazz Workshops
Tyler Park Jazz Fest
World Fest

April Child – Moacir Santos
Joy Spring – Clifford Brown
Complete Concert – January 2019
Complete Concert – January 2017
Mulher Rendeira – traditional, arr Paulo André


Hamilton Pinheiro – bass
Flavio Silva – piano
Eudes Carvalho – guitar
Pedro Almeida – drums
Michael Tracy – saxophones

Casa Thomas Jefferson Concert – Brasilia, Brazil – March 15, 2019

Concert time
Brasilia 3/2019
In rehearsal B&W
Brasilia Rehearsal
Hora Certa recording rehearsal 5/2015
Studio booth
Recording session 3/2015

Brazilian music is the result of the fusion of European music brought by the Portuguese, African music that came with the slaves in the 16th century, and native Indian music that was already an established form on the continent when the colonization process started. Although often confused with the Spanish influenced music from Central America like the calypso, rumba, salsa and other variations, Brazilian music is very different. The rhythms are far more subtle and developed from geographical regions within the country. These very diverse regions, with their cultural differences, influenced Brazil’s exciting music and musicians. For example the Bossa-Nova is from the southeastern, European influenced region, while Samba, Baiao, Partido-alto, and Afoxé are the main rhythms from the north and northeastern regions, which are rich in African culture and based on dance, percussion, and wind instruments. During the 1960’s, Brazilian-influenced music became well known all over the United States. The Bossa-Nova was popularized by jazz saxophonist Stan Getz and the group Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66.  Through Getz, the music of Brazil’s most famous composer Antonio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim) became an important influence on American music and music throughout the world.

Featured Albums

  • Fotografia
  • Hora Certa
  • Surfboard
  • Tracings

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