• Jazz Piano Voicings for the Non-Pianist

    Jazz Piano Voicings for the Non-Pianist

    Every musician should have a basic understanding of how and why pianists voice chords in certain ways. This book, designed by a horn player, addresses and explains the basics of authentic, hip sounding chord voicings in simple, non-pianistic language. You’ll be comping on your own over Standards in a short period of time. Includes written voicings over many of the most popular Aebersold play-a-long tracks, so you can comp with bass and drums backing you up! No piano skills are required to use this book effectively. Play great jazz voicings today!

  • Pocket Changes I & II

    Pocket Changes I & II

    Pocket Changes I & II, widely used by musicians throughout the world, contains standard progressions (no melodies) to 421 & 381 tunes (respectively). These handy, small-formatted books contain a great deal of musical information that has proven to be very useful for both educational and professional playing situations – tunes played by all jazz musicians, professional and amateur alike in a format that will fit in any case. There are no duplications between volumes and come in concert key only.

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