David Liebmen (jazz performer, recording artist, author, and jazz educator)
“I have known Mike Tracy for over twenty-five years as part of the Jamey Aebersold teaching team, having spent many days alongside him teaching throughout the world. He is by far one of the most dedicated and insightful teachers I have encountered. He is highly gifted at presenting the intricacies and nuances of the jazz language in an extremely clear and lucid manner. I have been most impressed by his handling of the more inexperienced student in a combo situation, getting his point across forcefully but without intimidation.”

Don Braden (former student, recording artist and jazz educator)
“Mike Tracy is a serious, dedicated and knowledgeable instructor. He contributed significantly to my career by pointing me in the right direction when I first started playing.”

Charles Alexander (Managing Director, Jazzwise Publications Ldt. London, United Kingdom)
“Mike Tracy has been the backbone of the family of our annual Jazzwise Summer School in England for the past twenty years. Working alongside Jamey Aebersold, Phil DeGreg, Dan Haerle, George Bouchard, Shelley Yoelin and the other tutors, Mike has inspired countless students with his “can do” approach and the clarity of his teaching. As a player, he goes from strength to strength – a truly inventive improviser with endless ideas and a big, broad saxophone sound. A great guy, whose enthusiasm and energy communicates to fellow musicians and students alike.”

Renato Vasconcellos (former student, pianist, performer, composer and educator. Brasilia, Brazil)
“Mike Tracy is very important for Jazz and for Music in general. He is dedicated to his profession and his students. Under his direction, Jazz Studies at the University of Louisville is among the best schools in the United States. Check out his CDs and you will find all types of music, including classical, contemporary, jazz, and Brazilian. We know him, we love him!”

Jacek Niedziela (Director of Jazz Institute, Academy of Music. Katowice, Poland)
“I met Mike Tracy in 2003 during his first visit to Poland. Since then we have become friends and continue to work together in our administrative and professional roles. Mike is the “father” of Katowice/Louisville jazz program exchange, which enhances students and faculty of both institutions. Additionally, he has assisted us in obtaining valuable recording and teaching materials. We also had the pleasure of playing together in the Polish/American Quintet, presenting concerts and workshops in Poland and America. As a performer, Mike has a very personal saxophone tone and melodically inventive. He is also a talented, experienced educator who is able to reach individuals from all walks of life regardless of their language.”

Charles W. Smith (Professor of Composition, Theory and Flute. Western Kentucky University)
“In my thirty-eight-year teaching career, I have known few saxophonists who could play and teach both styles (classical and jazz) adequately, but Mike Tracy is one who can.”

Vadim Arsky (former student, Professor of Saxophone, and Dean – School of Music. University of Brasilia)
“Studying with Mr. Michael Tracy helped me improve my playing more than a 100% in both classical and jazz styles. In addition to his considerable experience, Mr Tracy is a marvelous player and creative improvisor. He is very involved with the progress of his students.”

Jerry Coker (jazz educator, author, and Professor Emeritus of Music. University of Tennessee)
“Mike Tracy is an excellent saxophonist and improvisor, thoroughly knowledgeable of both jazz and classical repertoire, and a superb, dedicated teacher. I highly recommend him to saxophone students of any age, level, or style.”

Thomas Walsh, D.M. (former student, Associate Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies. Indiana University)
”As one of my earliest saxophone teachers, Mike Tracy had a huge impact on me as a musician and teacher. He introduced me to countless jazz recordings and taught me essential skills that are the foundation of my playing and teaching to this day. Mike’s passion for jazz and jazz education are obvious to anyone who knows him. The University of Louisville has benefitted tremendously from his persistent dedication to developing a first-rate jazz program. Mike’s enthusiasm and abilities have been rewarded with a remarkable number of invitations to teach and perform in countries around the world. Mike’s many initiatives, from UofL’s Jazz Week to his jazz piano book for non-pianists to his performances and recordings, have enriched the lives of many people from all walks of life.”

Marcelo Coelho (teacher of saxophone and advanced music theory at Souza Lima-Berklee Conservatory of Music, Sao Paulo, Brazil.)
“It was a great pleasure to have Mike Tracy and staff during the 1st  Souza Lima International Jazz Camp, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008.  His skills as educator and player, his leadership, competency, and charisma with the students were the key for the great success of the camp.  I look forward to working with him again soon.”

Jaak Sooäär (guitarist, Director, Estonian Academy of Music Jazz Department)
“Mike Tracy visited the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre for nine weeks in the fall 2004 when our jazz program was starting. His long experience in teaching jazz was instrumental in our establishing a serious jazz department right from the very beginning.”

Waldo Brandwajnman (Director of Emu Educación Musical)
“Saxophonist and educator Michael Tracy has been Teacher in Residence of the International Seminar of Jazz in EMU in 2006 and 2007 both organized by Emu Educación Musical within the International Jazz Festival La Plata Jazz Festival, where he has performed the last two editions.  His visits to Argentina have helped to revitalize the relationship between Louisville and La Plata who are Sister Cities.  As educator and teacher, Mr. Tracy has helped to generate new educational encounters, thus motivating everybody to improve their own standard of performance. As a performer, Mr. Tracy is exceptional, presenting concerts that are exciting and enjoyed by all.  He is always welcome at EMU.”

Rest Kiknadze (composer, saxophonist and Rector of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire)
“It is my pleasure to give this feedback to the dedicated teaching of Michael Tracy at our institution.

It is every now and then, that a renowned jazz musician, touring through Europe, schedules a concert in Georgia and in the course of this agrees to give a class or have a talk at our young jazz department of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. However, what in June of this year happened at our school, was not only far more than that but noticeably changed our experience, both our students and teachers, in teaching, practicing and developing one’s musical skills through new impulses.  The two-week teaching programme in the framework of Kavkaz Jazz Festival, founded an managed by Helen Mechitova was remarkable in several aspects: Michael Tracy and Craig Wagner were not only wonderful musicians and experienced teachers doing their job and sharing their knowledge on a high professional level: this was a transfer of enthusiasm and passion, so crucial for the real musicianship and artistic development. Our students talk about a completely new wave of inspiration they got from Mike’s way of sharing musical ideas of practicing, mastering technical problems and getting new inspiration towards developing their mindset.  Dear Mike and Craig, thank you for this unforgettable experience!  We all are happy to have met such passionate ambassadors of jazz!”