• Saxophone Equipment

    Years ago I began asking saxophone performers and educators what equipment they used – types and models of saxophones, mouthpiece, ligature and reeds. Visit to see the results. (updated frequently) …read more

  • Warm-up Suggestions

    Caption Here …read more

  • Becoming a Jazz Musician – Dr. Johan Eriksson

    …read more

  • Learning Jazz – A Practical Approach for the Classical Player

    An excellent comparison of classical and jazz saxophone performance by Dr. Johan Eriksson. Used with permission. …read more

  • Basics of Saxophone Performance

    an outline …read more

  • Help! Why Can’t the Saxophones Play in Tune?

    An excellent article on how to produce a quality saxophone sound regardless of style, written by Ray Smith, Jazz Educators Journal, Dec/Jan 1988 …read more

  • Master Saxophonists bios

    I am not sure how these Master Saxophonists bios came to me (they appear to be from a source like Wikipedia).  While not definitive or an all-inclusive list, I have found these brief bios insightful and useful, certainly worth reviewing.  The bios are in no specific order and the links are not active. …read more

  • Basic Tonal Concepts for Saxophone – Overtones

    Overtones …read more

  • Basic Tonal Concepts for Saxophone – Long Tones

    …read more

  • Basic Technical Concepts for the Saxophone

    Fingering Considerations …read more

  • Master Class Handouts

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