Brazil – May/June 2023 – Brasilia and Natal

Great time being back in Brazil with my old friends and making new ones – playing music, meeting students, seeing sites, beaches, excellent food and more.  Spending time in Brasilia, Penápolis and Natal.  Oh yes, celebrating two birthdays too – Melissa on May 18 and Dona Oriada Campos on May 27.  It will be a very busy, fun time.

  • Concert with Renato Vasconcellos (piano), Hamilton Pinheiro (bass), Sandro de Souza (drums), Sandro Alves (percussion) at Casa Thomas Jefferson on May 19.
  • Master class and concert at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Master classes and concert at Universidade de Brasilia on June 1 and 2.
  • Concert for ESAX at Clube do Choro on June 4 with Anderson Pessoa (sax), Hamilton Pinheiro (bass), Misael Silvestre (piano) and Pedro Almeida (drums)
  • Master class for ESAX at Clube do Choro on June 5

Check out images from Brazil May/June:
Music activities in Brasilia and Natal

A big thanks to Carlos Gontijo for inviting me to participate in ESAX.  I really enjoyed hearing and working with all of the participants and educators.  What a great experience for everyone.

Special thanks to Vadim Arsky, Renato Vasconcellos, Hamilton Pinheiro, Oswaldo Amorim, Paulo Andre and Anderson Pessoa for participating in my ‘Conversations’ project.  What a great time playing/conversing with you.  I know I learned a great deal.  Abraço!!!!