ECUADOR: Loja and Quito – March 2011

Getting to play with a symphony is always a treat for a jazz musician, being the featured soloist is a dream. I got to live that dream in March as soloist with the Loja Symphony Orchestra for their first every Jazz and Symphony Concert. I got

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to play great jazz arrangements for two nights with a full week of rehearsals. Wonderful time, great sound and the people really loved it. How often does one get to play with 30+ stings and harp? Lucky guy! Thanks to Kristina Krit (Russia) and Anderson Pessoa (Brazil) for the wonderful arrangements and the Loja Symphony musicians and maestro Andrei Vasileusky for all their support.

Performance videos:
You Don\’t Know What Love Is – Ray de Paul (arr by K. Krit)
What Is This Thing Called Love – Cole Porter (arr by K. Krit)
Here’s That Rainy Day – Johnny Burke/Jimmy Van Heusen (arr by K. Krit)
On A Clear Day – Burton Lane (arr by K. Krit)
I Love Paris – Cole Porter (arr by K. Krit)
They Say That Falling In Love – Irving Berlin (arr by K. Krit)
The Very Thought Of You – Ray Noble (arr by K. Krit)
Arroio (The Creek) – Victor Assis Brasil (arr by A. Pessoa)

Before performing in Loja, I had the pleasure of visiting the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and working with their students and faculty. Excellent group and a find program. Had a great time. Thanks to Jay Byron and Francisco Lara

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