Pegasus – Booking Information

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Dear Buyer:
We thank you for your recent booking of our act Pegasus. To help make your engagement run as smoothly as possible, we have answered some frequently asked questions that might help you with your planning. Please take a moment to read this information.

Will the band set up early for their performance?
We require an hour at most to set up our equipment and approximately half an hour to load-out. This means if we are to begin performing at 8:00 p.m. we will arrive between 7:00-7:15 p.m. If you and/or your guests are in the venue during our set up time, we will be as quiet as possible. You may also make arrangements for an early set up, but we do charge a flat fee of $150.00 for this, and we would need at least 30 days prior notice for an early set up. (An early set up is where you need us completely set up one half hour or more prior to our starting time.) Additionally, you as the Buyer would be responsible for the safety of our equipment during the time we finish the early set up and the time we return for the performance. Also, please make sure we are advised to set up in the correct spot by whomever you assign to meet us at the venue. Once we have set up, we would be unable to accommodate moving our equipment.

What if we want the band to play longer?
Unless otherwise stated, our contract price covers up to four hours (start time to finish time) and includes time off for three twenty-minute breaks. If you feel the need to request us to play overtime, our fee would be prorated from our contract price per half-hour at time and a half and would include a reasonable break time. We will consider a request to perform overtime, but there are some occasions where we simply cannot accommodate this request.

Would the band play outdoors?
If your event is to be outdoors, we ask that arrangements be made to provide stage covering with top and side panels, both for inclement weather and to protect our equipment from the harsh sun. We would also prefer to not perform on a grassy surface (if we are to perform on grass, please advise ahead of time). In the event of severe weather, we will cease playing until the threat is over. If severe weather persists and we need to move inside to finish our engagement, it could take about an hour to transfer our equipment and this time will be included within our scheduled performance time. Additionally, should the temperature be expected to drop below 60-F, we will require, at your expense, sufficient heat on the stage for the comfort of all band members.

What is the band attire?
We will need to know at least one week in advance whether you expect the band to dress in formal attire (tuxedos), coat and tie, or casually. If possible, please include this information when you return the signed contract. If your event is a wedding reception, our booking agency provides a Wedding Reception Planner requesting this information and other details for your reception. If you are in need of this planner, please contact either Kathy Jordan or our agency. If no instruction is given regarding attire, the group will be dressed in coat and tie.

What size stage does the band require?
A stage is not necessary for our performance. However, if you do provide a stage we would prefer one the size of 12′ deep by 18′ wide. This would accommodate all five members of our group and our equipment.

What if I want a song performed that’s not on the song list?
If there is a particular theme or song you would want performed, we would need at least 30 days prior notice. If it is a song that we do not already perform, we will make every effort to learn the song for your event. However, if we feel the song is not conducive to our current repertoire, we will advise you of this and perhaps you could provide a compact disc of the song that could be played, as we do bring a CD player (single disc) for break music.

What electrical requirements are needed?
Most venues have ample electricity. We need two separate, grounded 110-amp outlets within 20′ of the band area. If the outlets are any further than this, please make arrangements for a heavy-duty extension cord to be run within 20′ of the band area.

Does the band know where my venue is located?
If you have chosen a venue that is not a well-known location, please provide a map or directions with the contract (include the venue address and telephone number). We are already familiar with most of the hotels, country clubs, and local landmarks of our area. FYI many buildings in the downtown Louisville area pick up radio frequency interference (RFI). Unless the building has been rewired for this problem, RFI will be broadcast through our electronic equipment. It seems to be worse in the upper floors of the downtown hotels, and unfortunately, we do not have any control over this.

Do we need to feed the band?
While this is certainly not a requirement, we do appreciate having food made available to us on break. Given the time frame that we are there for most performances and the overlapping of “normal” eating schedules, we may not have an opportunity to eat beforehand. If your event overlaps dinner or suppertime, we would appreciate being able to eat on break, after your guests have been fed. However, if your meal is a sit-down dinner, we in no way expect the same food for ourselves, but would appreciate other arrangements.

When do we pay the band?
We require that the balance of the contract price plus any other applicable fees, less your deposit, be paid no later than by the last break of the performance to the band leader. Additionally, we require the check be made payable to either PEGASUS or MIKE TRACY. Please do not make the check payable to a booking agency, as it may delay payment to individual band members.

If there is anything else you would like for us to know, please attach a note to the contract. We look forward to seeing you soon!