Poland / Czech Republic 2013 (5/2013)

Playing music is a great way to see the world and I have been fortunate to have met many outstanding musicians in far away places.  One special location is Katowice, Poland and the Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowski.  I first visited the Akademia in 2003 to help establish an exchange program between their jazz program and the one at the University of Louisville.   That first meeting has lead to an on-going exchange, which has included joint opera productions, orchestra and band experiences, music therapy collaborations and numerous student and faculty, visits.   I have the pleasure of returning to adjudicate the 6th International Improvisation Competition.  What a great opportunity to hear musicians, young and old, in a different setting.   I will also be presenting clinics on improvisation at the Akademia and one at the Nysa Music Akademia.  A side trip to Opava in the Czech Republic for a performance at the Evžen Jazz Cafe Club will be a fun evening.  The best part will be seeing old friends and playing music together.